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A Brief History of 443 Carney Street

In the Mid 1960’s Dr. Dwain Ingram brought upper cervical chiropractic to Prince George at 443 Carney Street. Not long after Dr. Ralph Morash partnered in the practice. In the 70’s Dr. Richard Knowles added to the group with three doctors on the premises.

In 1980, Dr. Randy Mills joined the practice as Doctors Ingram and Knowles left to move south. Dr. Randy Mills and Dr. Morash worked together for a number of years until till 1984 when Dr. Morash left to begin practice in Victoria. Dr. Randy Mills became the solo upper cervical chiropractor in Prince George and remained so until his son, Dr. Russill Mills joined the practice in 2010. Dr. Randy Mills retired in 2020, after 40 years providing care at 443 Carney Street.

Dr. Russill Mills continues to provide the quality upper cervical chiropractic care that residents of Prince George and the surrounding area have come to expect.

Center of Gravity Locator (COGL)

In the late 1980’s a research group was formed called specific chiropractic research and development (SCRAD) by 4 upper cervical chiropractors amongst whose goals were to further understand the roll of the upper cervical spines’ subluxation in human health and disease. One of the developments was the center of gravity locator. This device consists of four scales hooked up to a computer that plots the differential weight distribution over time. Patient’s are assessed before and after each adjustment and weight distribution changes are noted. As posture improves the patients’ center of gravity will change indicating less biomechanical stress on their bodies.


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